Circus School

Circus lessons for children, teens and families at the Cable Factory

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth’s Circus School, Tonttukoulu, is a goal-oriented but relaxed circus school. Its pupils learn a wide range of circus skills: floor, pair and pyramid acrobatics, balancing acts, juggling and theatrical expression.

In addition to groups for children and young people, the school also offers toddler and family circus classes where children come together with an adult.

Every spring there is an end-of-term party where the students get to perform in theatre costumes and stage sets. The spring party is usually held on the Hurjaruuth stage.

Spring semester 8.1.–4.5.2024

There will be no classes during holidays: Mon 19.2. – Sun 25.2.2024 and
Fri 29.3. – Mon 1.4.2024


Teacher Celso de la Molina

16.15-17.00 / 7-9 yrs.
17.00–17.45 / 1-3 yrs. Toddler Circus (with an adult)
17.45–18.30 / 4-6 yrs.
18.30-19.30 / 4-7 yrs. International Family Circus (with an adult)


Teacher Karoliina Nordin

11.00–11.45 / 1-3 yrs. Toddler Circus (with an adult)
12.00–13.00 / 5-7 yrs.
13.00–14.00 / 7-9 yrs.
15.00–16.00 / 4-7 yrs. Family Circus (with an adult)
16.00–17.30 / 10-15 yrs.

Registration for new students for the spring semester starts on 19th of December at 2 pm.

To register, click on the link of the group you are interested in. The booking status of the openings in the group is shown at the top of the form.

Price for the spring semester 2024

Once a week 45-60 min: 160 € (sibling discount -30 €)
Once a week 75 min: 165 € (sibling discount -30 €)
Once a week 90 min: 170 € (sibling discount -30 €)

2 times a week, all classes: 210 €
(not for toddler and family circus)

3 times a week, all classes: 260 €
(not for toddler and family circus)

Family and toddler classes: 190 €
(1 child + 1 adult, additional person for family circus 90€)

Contact information

Practice hall

the Cable Factory / Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth
Tallberginkatu 1, 00180 Helsinki
A staircase, 5th floor

Additional info

Anna Talassalo
circus school coordinator
tel. (09) 565 7250