Audience Outreach

Lowering the threshold and making art more accessible


Audience outreach programs increase the accessibility of art. The aim is to create opportunities for participating in creating and experiencing art.

For Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, audience outreach is an important link between the audience and the theatre. We work with a variety of different groups and people of all ages. Audience outreach includes workshops, discussions, artist meetings, and audience engagement projects created around our theatre’s performances.

Audience engagement opportunities created around performances provide the specators with tools for watching the performance and making their own interpretations as well as familiarise them with the themes and backgrounds of the performance. Here at Hurjaruuth, audience outreach also provides an important possibility for hands-on exploration: participants get to try out for example their circus, dance and theatre skills!

Through audience engagement, the spectator becomes a part of the art-making process and has the chance to peek behind the curtain, into the dazzling world of circus, dance and theatre.

At the moment, we are involved in two major audience outreach projects: Art Testers and Culture Kids. We also have our own circus school, Tonttukoulu, whose goal-oriented arts education is part of our outreach work.

Circus School

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Culture Kids

All children born in Helsinki in and after 2020 are invited to become Culture Kids. The kids are invited to two events each year until they start school. These events are free of charge.

The cultural sponsor is determined by the year of birth of the child. Children born in 2021 will be sponsored by theatres in Helsinki. Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth is one of these theatres. We offer high-quality dance and circus experiences.

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Art Testers

Art Testers is the largest culture education program in Finland, offering all 8th graders and their teachers 1–2 annual visits in esteemed cultural institutions. The program reaches over 65,000 people annually in all Finnish municipalities.

The core goal of the program is to offer young people experiences in art and to find them tools to form well-versed opinions on their experience.

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth have been involved in Art Testers as a cultural institution since 2018. So far about 30 000 8th graders have seen our yearly Winter Circus, the largest contemporary circus performance in Finland.

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