Compagnia TPO


Compagnia TPO: Farfalle

Observe a butterfly move. The fluttering of its wings looks as if a paintbrush were painting on the air; but it also looks like a dance. This delightful dance sometimes lasts but a day. It all happens between dawn and sunset.

And now look: there is a landscape, in it there are an egg, a larva, a caterpillar, a butterfly, a swarm of butterflies. They are beautiful, colourful, they flit in the wind, they whirr in your ear. They are ballerinas painting on air with their great wings.

Space is the protagonist in TPO’s shows with its images, colours and sounds. Thanks to the use of interactive technologies every show is transformed into a ‘sensitive’ environment where the thin border between art and play can be experienced. Dancers, performers and the audience itself interact with each other exploring new expressive forms that go beyond language and cultural barriers.




About 50 min


16 / 10 €


Hurjaruuth Stage

Suggested age



Non-verbal and some Italian

Compagnia TPO (Italy) in co-production with Teatro Metastasio di Prato

artistic direction Davide Venturini, Francesco Gandi
choreography Anna Balducci, Piero Leccese
visual design Elsa Mersi
computer engineering Rossano Monti
sound design Spartaco Cortesi
voiceover Caterina Poggesi
costumes Loretta Mugnai
props Valerio Calonego, Livia Cortesi, Gregory Petitqueux
collaboration on script Stefania Zampiga


technician Massimiliano Fierli
technician Elena Vastano
dancer Sara Campinoti
dancer Valentina Sechi