Ethno Contemporary Ballet: Say it quieter if you can

A play-study of the identity of a Ukrainian woman. Dance, as a translation of our genetic code: everything that has been accumulated over the centuries from Berehynia Trypillya to the spirit of feminism of the 21st century. December 14th at 7 pm, Hurjaruuth Stage, Cable Factory.

Скажи тихіше, якщо зможеш від українського сучасного балету Ethno Contemporary Ballet на сцені Hurjaruuth. Вистава безкоштовна, квитки можна забронювати у Hurjaruuth.

The play “Say it quieter If you can” is a story about real life: about love, about betrayal, about hatred, about the birth of a new life, about death, about humility, about human fortitude, about friendship, about joy, about the cyclical nature of our life. In the performance, we actively use endangered household items and find new meanings for them.

Ethno Contemporary Ballet – literally “the ballet of the modern people.” In its theatrical and dance art, it explores the system of symbols, permeated with references to everyday rituals and ceremonial rites, reflecting the deep worldview of peoples, combining authentic music with modern interpretations and images.

Dancers Anastasia Mostovaya, Nina Bulgakova ja Ekaterina Zhuravleva, direction and choreography Vadim Esaulenko ja Nina Bulgakova. Musical accompaniment: DakhaBrakha, Volkners, Olesya Kochan (Alexis Kochan) Kvitka Cisyk

After the performance, there will be an audience discussion on the stage in English starting at about 8:15 p.m.

The performance and audience discussion are free of charge. A voluntary fee for program, cash or MobilePay at the theatre. The voluntary contributions collected from the program go in full to the Ethno Contemporary Ballet.


Stage directors and choreographers: Vadim Esaulenko and Nina Bulgakova

Artists: Anastasia Mostovaya, Nina Bulgakova and Ekaterina Zhuravleva

Musical accompaniment: DakhaBrakha; Volkners; Olesya Kochan (Alexis Kochan) Kvitka Cisyk

Premiere 26.03.2019.

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About 70 min, no intermission


Free admission (entrance requires a ticket: redeem free tickets via the Buy tickets button)


Hurjaruuth Stage, Cable Factory

Suggested age



After the performance, there will be an audience discussion on the stage in English (free admission).

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