Two plant characters.
Marko Mäkinen


Jenni Kivelä ja Kiltit ihmiset: Strange & Special

Strange & Special is a performance that moves between dance and physical theatre. What happens when two different species of plant characters encounter each other? This comical and naivistic duet of Jenni Kivelä and Jyrki Karttunen asks whether we will always remain alien species to each other.

Strange & Special is an independent sequel to choreographer Jenni Kivelä’s highly praised solo performance Strange Plant. What happens when Strange Plant meets the alien species Special Plant? Is the other one poisonous? How long are its roots? Will it spread quickly? Does it also like springtime?

The performance centers around the naivistic relationship of two plants of different species. The duet asks how long we will remain alien species to each other. Until we get to know each other? Whenever we disagree? Always?

Can two plants of different species grow side by side and share the same garden?

Language spoken in the performance is simple English.

Strange Plant, Jenni Kivelä

Strange Plant is a naivistic character, a hybrid of human and houseplant.

Jenni Kivelä is a Helsinki-based choreographer whose works combine movement, text and theatre into intricate dance theatre performances. Her pieces have been described as naivistic, gentle, humoristic, ironic, perceptive, conceptual, entertaining, sincere, sensitive, multilayered and audience-friendly. All of Kivelä’s performances share a sense of humanity and relatability.

Special Plant, Jyrki Karttunen

Special Plant is a mysterious character that is hard to pinpoint. They might be an intrusive weed or perhaps something planted by Strange Plant in their garden. Special Plant introduces playfulness and something magenta-coloured to the life of serious Strange Plant.

Jyrki Karttunen is a dance artist and choreographer originally from Joensuu. Karttunen has held positions as artistic director of Helsinki City Theatre’s Helsinki Dance Company and as head choreographer of Helsinki City Theatre. Since then Karttunen has wanted to return to his roots, as a dancing performer.

Working group

Choreographer: Jenni Kivelä
Dancers: Jenni Kivelä, Jyrki Karttunen
Dramaturg: Eira Virekoski
Sound Designer: Pauli Riikonen
Light Designer: Mia Kivinen
Costume Designer: Liisa Pesonen
Choreographic assistant: Ninu Lindfors
Communications assistant: Inari Pesonen
Production: Kiltit ihmiset and Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth

The performance has been supported by The Finnish Cultural Foundation and The Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation.

Ticket prices

26 € adult
16 € child
16 € pensioner
16 € discount ticket (student, unemployed, civil servant, conscript)
16 € theatre professional

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About 50 min


26 / 16 €


Hurjaruuth Stage, Cable Factory

Suggested age

Adults and young people (12+)


In simple English

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