Red Pearl Clown Festival 2020

Red Pearl women’s clown festival 12.–15.2.2020


Deanna Fleysher (USA): Butt Kapinski

Think it’s a solo show? Think again. Private eye Butt Kapinski invites you to co-star in a film noir murder mystery. Join Butt in a seedy world of sex, sin, shadows and subterfuge as you take the ride of a full-on interactive comedic experience. Kick reality to the curb! Play in a world of dark dreams and bad similes. ADULTS ONLY.

Created and performed by Deanna Fleysher.

BEST COMEDY, Perth Fringeworld 2017
WEEKLY AWARD, BEST COMEDY, Adelaide Fringe 2016
PATRON’S PICK, Orlando Fringe 2015
BEST OF FESTIVAL, Calgary Fringe 2014
BEST OF FESITVAL, Edmonton Fringe 2014
BEST OF FESTIVAL, Hollywood Fringe 2013
BEST COMEDY, Critic’s Choice Award, Orlando Fringe 2015

And many more…

Deanna Fleysher is a comedy artist, teacher and director currently touring with her award-winning solo show Butt Kapinski.

In English.
Duration 1h.



Morro and Jasp (CAN): Save the Date

Does saying “I Do” to someone new mean saying “I Don’t” to each other? For better or for worse, the sisters have to negotiate what their relationship will look like now that there is a third person in the mix. Can they survive this new chapter of life without the person who has always been by their side? Join Morro and Jasp as they say yes to the dress, try to handle the stress, and attempt to throw a big fat clown wedding without throwing up.

Morro and Jasp are clown sisters who live in Toronto, Ontario (that’s in Canada…in case you are reading this from a far away country). They like to make plays and perform them for people all over the world. They also make movies, books, songs, and  are currently developing a graphic novel, a video game, and a TV pilot.

“Skilfully written and performed, the duo execute the high intensity comedy while never losing sight of the emotional poignancy of their crisis. ”
NNNNN NOW Magazine

“Pure joy. The writing by Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee is laugh-out-loud funny, the observations are sharply focused and the physical humour, from a veil that never ends, to the frantic cake-tasting, will make you sore from laughing.”
The Slotkin Letter

Age recommendation: 13+.
In English.
Duration 1 h.

Written and Performed by Heather Marie Annis and Amy Lee
With Direction and Dramaturgy from Byron Laviolette and Kat Sandler
Clown Coach: John Turner
Set and Props Design by Roxanne Ignatius and Heather Marie Annis
Costume Design by Heather Marie Annis with Roxanne Ignatius
Sound Design by Mark Andrada and Amy Lee
Stage Management by Ellen Brooker
Photography by Alex Nirta
Graphic design by Joshua Duchesne


Red Nose Company (FIN): Babylon

Babylon was the thing in Finnish theater in 2018. It received rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. The show has toured throughout Finland, visiting a number of the country’s most notable theaters, and it was also selected for the lineups of the most important theater festivals in the country, for example, Tampere Theatre Festival.

In Babylon, the titular character (Minna Puolanto) wants to solve all the core issues regarding power. Her servant Ré (Hanna Seppä) helps her in the process. This partly autobiographic and hilarious performance tackles a variety of situations where power is exercised. The two clowns bring different scepter wielders onstage, from Madonna to Ronaldo and from Catherine the Great to Donald Trump. The power setting between Babylon and Re is also an essential part in addressing the theme.

The performance, directed by Marielle Eklund-Vasama, asks us why we — almost always — settle into power structures in regard to each other. Can’t we live in an equal society? It also examines the power structures between genders and gives a new and fresh opinion on #metoo.

On stage: Minna Puolanto and Hanna Seppä
Directed by: Marielle Eklund-Vasama
Text and dramaturgy: Minna Puolanto, Marielle Eklund-Vasama and the crew
Light design and touring manager: Juha Tuisku
Costume designer and seamstress: Virve Karoliina Balk
Photos: Mark Sergeev
Production: Minna Puolanto, Niina Bergius, Aino Torikka, Anna Jauhola & Mika Vainio / Red Nose Company

In Finnish.
Duration: 1 h 30 min, no intermission
Age recommendation: For adults and young people 13 and up.


GRUS GRUS Teatteri: Kärringmossen (Ämmäsuo)

Kärringmossen (eng. Swamp of Hags) mixes physical theatre, clowning and acting. It is inspired by the bouffon-technique – a special kind of clowning where grotesque characters deal with injustice and hypocrisy in a shameless manner. Through mockery the “ugly”, almost mythical creatures attract us – “the beautiful people”– to laughter and dismay.

The performance will have it´s premiere at Åbo Svenska Teater (Turku Swedish Theatre), whereafter it will tour at Red Pearls women’s clown festival 2020 and in the repertoire of Teatteri Avoimet Ovet (Helsinki). The performance tours on different venues in Finnish or in Swedish.

Cruel, grotesque and cathartic – Enehielm and Haavisto impress”

“The actors complete each other perfectly, and it is not hard to understand why Grus Grus Theatre received the Thalia-prize in 2019”

“It is a dehumanization that is everything else than fun – you want to close your eyes and run away, but you are stuck sitting in the chair. Because of this, the feeling of catharsis is so indescribably lovely when it in the end appears that it is possible to wipe away the ugliness”
-Katja Sandqvist, HBL

”Silence lingers upon the swamps. Two creatures appear out of the blue – disappointed over the oblivion on their very existence. A time for reckoning has come. The world has changed – but not for the better. A shameless reckoning can start. The Hags prepare for a party – you are also invited! A change is celebrated in good company.”

The lovable Hags are represented by the unique Cris af Enehielm and Grus Grus Theatre’s own Master of Arts in Clowning, Janna Haavisto.

Director: Sofia Molin
Dramaturg: Ville Kurki
Manuscript: Sofia Molin, devising with the working group
On stage: Cris af Enehielm and Janna Haavisto
Choreography: Sandrina Lindgren
Sound design: Kalle Terästö
Visual design: Johanna Latvala
Light design: Jarkko Forsman
Photos: Jussi Virkkumaa
Producer: Leo van Aerschot and Marjo Pyykönen

In Swedish.
Duration 60 min.


Hanna Terävä (FIN): Balalaukku

Warm-hearted clown & music performance for all ages!

Duration approx. 40 min.



Clown Doctors (Free of charge)

Come and meet the Clown Doctors Tri Hartsa-Liisa Mono (Laura Rämä), Tri Miisu-Liisu Vähä-Pokka (Kaisa Päivölä), Tri Mutru/Mums (Janna Haavisto), Tri Tanttarulla (Taina Mäki-Iso).

In co-operation with The Finnish Hospital Clowns Association



Clown soirée

An unforgettable evening with Finnish female clowns! On stage e.g. Salla Markkanen, Maija Westerholm, Johanna Keinänen, Mette Ylikorva, Jenni-Elina von Bagh and Hanna Terävä.

Duration 90 min.