Into the Wild. Photo: Majo Kurki


Red Pearl Clown Festival 2024

This feministically tuned festival combines domestic and international top-class clowns in unique atmosphere. First “Red Pearl Woman Clown Festival” was organized in February 2012.

This year’s festival will take place 8.–16.3.2024. Performances on the Hurjaruuth stage (Cable Factory A staircase, 2nd floor; Tallberginkatu 1 A, Helsinki) and in the Turbine hall at the Cable Factory (Kaapeliaukio 3, Helsinki).

Languages of the performances vary. More information on each performance on its own program page. You may get a serial ticket: Buy an adult ticket for 3-6 different performances and get a 20% discount!

Opening hours of the Festival-Bar

Located in the foyer next to the Hurjaruuth Stage. Please note that we only accept card payments.

Fri 8.3. at 17–18
Sat 9.3. at 16–19
Mon 11.3. at 17–18
Tue 12.3. at 17–18; Let’s spin the Fortune Wheel with Madame T at 17–18
Wed 13.3. at 16–19
Thu 14.3. at 16–20; Let’s spin the Fortune Wheel with Madame T at 18–19
Fri 15.3. at 17–19; Let’s spin the Fortune Wheel with Madame T at 17–18
Sat 16.3. at 18–

Let’s spin the Fortune Wheel with Madame T

On three days, you can try your luck free of charge in Madame T’s (Taina Mäki-Iso) safe gaming cave in the foyer. Madame T takes in a small number of people at a time. Languages Finnish and English.



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26 / 16 €. Serial ticket: Buy an adult ticket for 3-6 different performances and get a 20% discount!


Cable Factory: Hurjaruuth Stage and Turbine Hall

Suggested age

For adults, one family performance

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Feminist Clown Festival since 2012

Most clowns have traditionally been male, but this festival serves as a reminder that first-class clowns of other genders can be found in the Nordic countries and all over the world.

First time in February 2012 organized “Red Pearl Woman Clown Festival” brought world-renowned clowns to Finland and Sweden. Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth, Helsinki, Espoo City Theatre and Regina Theatre from Uppsala jointly produced the festival, which presented acts from Brazil, England, Austria, Sweden and Finland.

Over the years many top-class clowns have been performing in Red Pearl, among them e.g. Pepa PlanaNola RaeDeanna FleysherTanja SimmaStacey SacksMarta CarbayoAngela de CastroGardi HutterColette Gomette

Women clown festivals are organized worldwide, e.g. in Brazil, Spain and Austria.

In 2021 Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth changes the name of the festival to Red Pearl Clown Festival. Not because gender equality would have been reached globally, but in order to better take the diversity of genders into account. The festival will continue focusing on women and clowns from diverse genders.

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Program 2024


Kallo Collective & Teatteri Metamorfoosi: Into the Wild

“Into the Wild” is a satirical, physical and visual theatre performance that through dark comedy guides us to restoring our relationship with nature, exploring the ambivalent relationship humans have with the natural world.

Suggested age: For adults (13+)

Venue: Hurjaruuth Stage, Cable Factory

Other: Language: Finnish and English

Warnings: blinking lights and wet hay


Satu Rekola & Nina Viitamäki: JooEi!

Clowning performance for the whole family! It’s a performance day for the clown friends Nita and Omelia. The day is full of scheduling challenges, but also of lucky coincidences.

Suggested age: Kids and families (4+)

Venue: Turbine Hall, Cable Factory

Other: Language: simple Finnish


Pukkila: Good game / Bassi (FR/UK): AI Clown

Inspired by top hockey players and artificial intelligence, the two-performance evening will feature Susanna Pukkila’s Good game (work in progress) and Joanna Bassi’s AI Clown.

Suggested age: For adults (13+)

Venue: Hurjaruuth Stage, Cable Factory

Other: Good game: in “rally” English
AI Clown: in English


Clown soirée 2024

An unforgettable evening with Finnish clowns with an international guest! Several mini performances.

Suggested age: For adults

Venue: Hurjaruuth stage, Cable Factory

Other: Language may vary

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